Real Estate

Real Estate

Our practice in the areas of land use and municipal law requires us to be familiar with issues related to real estate transactions. Lawyers at Silverberg Zalantis LLC have drafted and negotiated complex real estate contracts. Often these agreements relate to real estate that is proposed to be developed and our experience in land use approvals gives us the knowledge necessary to anticipate the requirements necessary to protect the parties. Our goal is to ensure that the agreement reflects expectations in obtaining development approvals before a party is required to complete the transaction and pay or receive a payment related to the realistic improvements that can be anticipated in a development.

We have negotiated sophisticated easements, transfer of air rights and complex options. In addition, when appropriate, we provide counseling in business formation to create the entity that owns the property subject to the transaction.

We close on everything from commercial deals involving air rights and development options to complex refinancing of multi-million dollar projects for all manner of commercial and residential developments.

In these complex economic times we also assist our clients who need to develop realistic work outs to situations involving distressed real estate. Whether it is a landlord with a defaulting commercial tenant, a tenant that has a commercial lease that is no longer viable, a mortgage that is in default or a joint venture that has run into trouble, we make every effort to assist in finding an innovative and practical resolution. Not every distressed real estate situation has a happy ending, but we do our best to help our clients find a solution, while making every effort to minimize their financial exposure to the greatest extent possible.

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