Drafting Legislation

Municipal Law

Municipalities are called upon to adopt local laws to govern their communities and protect the public health safety and welfare. Proper drafting of local laws is essential to carrying out the intent of the governing body and avoiding municipal liability for violation of the rights of the citizens of a community. Poorly drafted laws can at best cause confusion and uncertainty and at worst create unintended results and liability. The lawyers at Silverberg Zalantis LLC have drafted local legislation governing a vast range of issues including telecommunications, zoning, noise, site plans, tree removal and coastal zone regulations. Our attorneys have worked on the re-codification of entire municipal codes in order to bring them up to date and ensure consistency among various laws originally adopted over several decades. If the time has come to bring your laws and ordinances up to date or to adopt a complex regulation covering a particular topic area, Silverberg Zalantis LLC can be of assistance.

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