Municipal Contracts and Bidding

Municipal Law

Our lawyers have assisted municipalities in drafting all manner of contracts including sale of municipal property for development, licenses to operate facilities at municipal parks, procurement of equipment and construction of municipal facilities including libraries, tennis courts, ice skating rinks, fire houses and town halls.

The General Municipal Law requires bidding for many contracts and the failure to properly observe the rules for bidding can delay projects and cause liability for municipalities. Where bidding is required for municipal contracts, we have assisted municipalities in preparing bid documents and contracts. The attorneys at Silverberg Zalantis LLC have also litigated municipal contracts, including construction claims on behalf of both municipalities and contractors who have performed services for municipalities.

Claims involving municipal contracts are, to a large degree, governed by rules that do not apply to contract claims in the private sector. In the often complex world of municipal contracts, our in-depth knowledge of municipal law is an advantage for our clients in navigating the particular nuances of municipal contract claims.

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