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To Provide Personalized High Quality Legal Services For Every Client

Steven Silverberg and Katherine Zalantis are former partners of one of the largest law firms in the United States. Their experience is that most businesses, individuals and government entities do not focus on hiring hundreds of lawyers, but seek out an attorney or small team of attorneys for their individual skills and qualifications.

At Silverberg Zalantis LLC our mission is to combine our big firm experience with the one-on-one attorney-client relationship that is easier to develop and maintain in a small firm setting. Our experienced attorneys leverage technology to provide our corporate, municipal and individual clients with high quality legal services.

Our New York municipal law attorneys have handled major real estate developments, complex commercial transactions, including distressed real estate and sophisticated litigation, including civil rights, environmental and eminent domain actions. We believe that within our core areas of practice, such as zoning, land use, municipal and real estate law, we can provide transactional, litigation and appellate services that are competitive with any firm while still maintaining personal, one-on-one contact with the client. In addition, we represent our clients in areas related to our core practice, such as construction law, business formation and general commercial litigation.

As lawyers we are in business to not only provide a service but to try our best every day to do what is right for our clients. While we cannot guarantee you will get your development approval or win your case, we will not take on your matter unless we believe that you have a case. We pride ourselves in turning down more matters than we accept. Being selective in the matters we accept allows our New York municipal law lawyers to keep our firm small enough so that we can continue to provide personal service to each of our clients.

Once we accept your case we will work hard to achieve your desired result. However, there is real value in getting a good result rather than the perfect result, as a less than perfect compromise is often better than the costly pursuit of a risky and perhaps untenable goal. Therefore, we are never afraid to tell our clients when, based upon our experience, it is time to try to compromise on a land use application or to settle a lawsuit. While it is always the client’s decision about how to handle their application or litigation, our pledge to our clients is that we will not advise them to continue to pursue a specific costly and uncertain goal when we believe a compromise is available that will guarantee a fair result.

If you would like to find out if we can help you, please call one of our New York municipal law attorneys. We will tell you if you have a case for which we may provide assistance and we will explain our fees. Then, if we mutually agree you have a matter that warrants further discussion, we will set up a free consultation with attorneys at our firm.

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